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Good Steward Investments

Good Steward Investments is a family-owned Real Estate Company.

We provide quality housing and services to individuals, families, and displaced veterans. In our continuing efforts, we believe that financial education and community development can be the framework in which we use to lay the foundation for growth and sustainability.

Our mission is simple; invest in people, invest in communities, and do good by them.

  • It was a great benefit for me working with Good Steward Investments and I would recommend this company to anybody that's interested in doing business with them.

    Herald McCloud, Master Electrician
  • Good Steward is a great choice if a potential client wants the needs of their project or housing expectations met with excellent workmanship, honesty, and good business sense, Good Steward is the choice of no regrets.

    Otis Jackson, General Contractor
  • The owners of the property cares for the community as a whole and cares for the tenant's needs even more. To the next potential renter, when renting from Good Steward you are made to feel like a big part of a family.

    Anita, Tenant